I stumbled across Rohm Rohm while surfing the net for new places we could order from. The reviews on Menu Pages sounded highly positive but my verdict is that Rohm has potential but does have a lot to work on before getting 5 stars from me. Like the rest of NYC Thai places, I don’t consider this food Thai food. The only exception being Sripraphai.

Good news first? The best order tonight was the Drunken Noodles with Shrimp. Again, not authentic, but very tasty. They should not have left the shrimp tails on in a noodle dish but they were cooked correctly and so were the great chewy noodles. There were only six shrimp but a huge amount of noodles, which was weird since the Pad See Euw was on the skimpy side. I would order this again.
I thought the flavor of the Pad See Euw was very shallow. Lon agreed but still enjoyed it, except for the very dry over-cooked chicken. He said he would try it again but with beef or shrimp.

Both of us were really disappointed by the Duck Salad. The duck was so chewy that it was a jaw work out to eat it. Lon eventually gave up and spit out some pieces.
Because they have reasonable prices and the drunken noodles were good, I would give them one more shot. But sadly, I still have not found authentic Thai in Manhattan.

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