Jessica and I often talk about how some people seem to particularly enjoy eating hard-to-eat food while others strongly prefer easy-to-eat foods. Enjoyable, Randall Munroe, who writes one of my favorite webcomics, xkcd, published a graph on this very topic!

Make sure to check out the full comic on it’s page:

This inspired me to make a quick graph of where some people I know fall on the one-dimensional graph of enjoyment of foods based on how difficult those foods are to eat:

On the left hand extreme of the graph is my brother-in-law Stephen who has been working on opening a single brazil nut by hand since one Thanksgiving maybe six years ago-ish? He also particularly enjoys other foods that are a bit annoying to eat, such as unpeeled shrimp.

Slighly to the right, but still deep in the “enjoys difficult to eat” area is my love, Jessica. She picks individual kernels of corn from the cob one at a time, by hand, regardless of the temperature of said cob. This can take up to an hour, I enjoy watching this procedure. She also enjoys picking every piece of meat from the tiniest crannies of crab shells. And give my woman chestnuts and she is one happy camper.

Then there is Jessica’s brother Justin, who is way, way on the right side. Some of his favorite foods include pre-shelled shrimp and bite-sized balls of food, such as Jessica’s salmon croquettes. The goal is “fork-to-mouth” no other work involved, please.

Where do you fall on the graph?

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