Naniwa Naniwa is your average Japanese restaurant, with a somewhat longer menu than most. I wouldn’t recommend the sashimi there since Lon’s order was expensive at $18.95 (during lunch) for mediocre fish. He didn’t think the pieces were cut well, resulting in tendonous bites. The wasabi was weak but the accompanying miso soup was very good, rich in flavor with lots of tofu. He also ordered an octopus and scallion appetizer with a mustard dressing that was over-sauced and again average.

I ordered a Japanese Hot Pot, one with seafood and egg. Most of the seafood and the udon noodles were over-cooked but the broth was very good, rich with the sweetness that comes from seafood, not sugar. It really made me sad since it had so much potential. Is it really too much to ask to not over-cook seafood?

Although I wasn’t impressed with my order or Lon’s, Sara got the Lunch Special of the Day (I think it changes daily) which did impress me. It wasn’t spectacular food but it is possibly one of the best Japanese lunch deals in NYC, at least midtown. For $11, it included salad, a piece of futomaki, 2 pieces of cucumber roll, 2 nigiri (salmon and fluke), a large bowl of tempura soba, and fruit. Naniwa isn’t good enough to make a special trip for but if you work in the area, it’s worth checking out their daily lunch special.

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