Moon House Moon House is next door to New Yeah Shanghai so I’ve thought of going so many times. They’re both Shanghainese restaurants and both seem to draw crowds. I was excited that I would finally try Moon House today, expecting that it would be close competition for New Yeah and I would be forever torn from now on. Well, that certainly did not happen.

We started with Scallion Pancakes which were pretty good. It seems impossible these days to find one with as many layers are they should have. I guess it’s too work intensive cause my mom won’t make them for me anymore either.

Generally, the Chicken and Cashews were pretty standard. The unique part was that they included some broccoli stems, which I normally like, but these were bitter.

This dish of Bean Curd Skins, Pork, Preserved Cabbage, and Soy Beans was standard. No better or worse than others I’ve eaten.

The Crab and Pork Soup dumplings were just ok.

Snow Pea Shoots are one of my favorite vegetables. These were over-cooked making them soggy.

They had a section called Braised Noodles. We didn’t know what that meant and I doubted the noodles were really braised since no one braises noodles, right? Chinese restaurants misuse English all the time so we just gave it a try. The dish came out looking so bland and unappetizing but we were surprised, it was actually quite tasty. The noodles were very soft though.

The major draw to Moon House is that it’s cheap! We ordered way too much food for three people, as you can see, and with tax and 20% tip, it was $16 person. Nothing was bad, but nothing was great either, so I’d rather just go to New Yeah Shanghai next door. Plus, the bathroom at Moon House is scary. You have to go out the restaurant into a dirty corridor, just to enter an even more scary bathroom, the size of a broom closet. It’s disgusting because it’s hard not to brush up against every part of the bathroom. Eww!

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