Knickerbocker Bar & Grill Knickerbocker Bar & Grill was such a big let down. All three of us, Janny, Lon, and I, had heard good things about about the food here. When we walked in from the generic looking outside, I was pleasantly surprised by the cool piano bar atmosphere. You feel like you’ve left the NYU area and stepped into the 1970s. The build up then continued as we were seated on very comfortable banquettes and a basket of warm cornbread and fresh sesame bread appeared. The service here is excellent and portions are quite large but I must insist that the food is mediocre at best and certainly no place for a foodie.

I can see why people like it here because I really wanted to. I was so impressed as several waiters patiently helped an elderly lady, dining by herself, with all of her needs. She needed steak to be cut, plates to be moved around the table, and sometimes just seemed to want to chat.

We were all so excited about the menu. There were lots of non-standard items and we had such a hard time deciding what to order. I had already started planning my return visit so I could try other things. Boy was it a surprise that the food wasn’t that good, starting with the crab cake. It was much more of a crab salad, heavy on the mayo, just formed into a patty and pan-fried on two sides. It was very salty but sat on a nice salad.

The best of our three entrees was probably Lon’s Veal Goulash. The veal was tender, flavorful, and covered in that same salad that was under the crab cake. The spaetzle however was horrid mushy stuff.

Janny’s dish was by far the worst, a Wild Boar Cassoulet that sounded fantastic on the menu but when it came, I just felt guilty that she was eating with us and had gotten a horrid dish. The wild boar was so incredibly dry and pretty inedible. She commented about how she felt like she was paying a lot of money for a plate of beans, since that’s basically all that was tasty.

My 14 oz Dry Aged Shell Steak was an issue because I ordered a medium rare and it came out medium. Knickerbocker is supposed to be a steak place so I expected it to come out right. I sent it back and they happily replaced it but this time, it was practically rare. You can see in the picture that it looks no more cooked than seared tuna. The red wine onions were quite good and I ate the practically rare steak. It was overly tendonous and did not seem to be dry aged. I will stick to real steak houses next time.

Part of the reason I ordered the shell steak was because it came with Truffle Blue Cheese Fries. Such a good idea and I was so excited. Had I found a replacement for my lost Disco Fries? But alas, the fries were soggy and I didn’t finish them. Not finishing fries for me says a lot.

We had really wanted dessert before we started eating but after dinner, we weren’t willing to give the desserts a try. We were just so disappointed with the meal. The food is moderately expensive and big portions don’t make up for the lack in quality, but I guess others think so since they are packed.

I think it speaks volumes that I had wanted to like this establishment so much. They have live music on certain nights and I had been planning to come for that too. Now, I may come and sit by the bar, but definitely will not eat here again.

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