Kingswood Kingswood is a scene, a people watching restaurant, not a people eating restaurant. The first clue is that there are way more people crowded by the bar then people seated in the dining room. After eating there, I fully understand why. The over-priced food is just not that good.

The meal started out well, with a basket of warm bread and good olive oil. We finished it quickly and started on another basket. The rest of the food was pretty disappointing.

Our waitress described one of the specials as raw oysters with hand-made chorizo. She told us to cut the chorizo and place it on top of the oyster to eat it. Some add tabasco. We had never heard of such a dish and were eager to try it. The oysters and chorizo did not make a magical pairing. The chorizo, that was good but did not taste like chorizo, over-powered the not-so-flavorful oysters completely. The part that pissed me off most was that they hadn’t flipped the oysters in the kitchen. The oyster was still fully attached and broke into a mush when we tried to eat it.

Lon’s main course, the Goan Fish Curry, was not an attractive dish. The flavors and textures were average, which made Lon wish more that they hadn’t run out of the crab linguini (around 7:45pm), his first choice.
Nothing on the menu stood out to me. Lamb Chops are often my fallback when I can’t decide what I want. At $27, I thought it would be pretty good. I was quite surprised that my whole dish was luke warm at most and the lamb had no flavor. It didn’t even really taste like lamb, just bland meat of some sort. The tomato orzo underneath was so-so, same goes for the over-cooked and oily string beans and brussels sprouts. Again, I need to point out that it was $27.

I was so excited to see Truffle Fries on their menu. I was hoping that they would be my beloved Disco Fries from the now, gone Diner 24. Alas, they were not. The fries were actually very good, thin and crispy, but you had to close your eyes and use imagination to taste the truffle. The glob of herbed mayonnaise on top would’ve been better on the side.

Sheryl ordered a Beet Soup and the Pork Belly. I’m not sure how she felt about the meal since she made no comments, other than liking the bread. Lon and I would certainly never go to Kingswood again. The food is very expensive for poor executions of half thought out ideas and mediocre ingredients.

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