Dried Cranberries are the bomb! We always keep a huge bag of Craisins (one brand of sweetened dried cranberries) in our pantry since they have a long shelf life and are super versatile. I eat large handfuls of them plain and use them in so many recipes. Add them to cereal/granola, breads, quick breads, cookies, and pies.

Since Lon and I prefer dried cranberries over raisins, we tend to replace raisins in most recipes with Craisins. We just like the flavor more. They have a tangy-ness that raisins don’t and the red color is prettier too.

They pair really well with apples/pears, oatmeal and grains, nuts, and cheeses, oh and of course turkey.

Try some of these recipes using dried cranberries:
Pumpkin Cranberry Bread
Apple Cranberry Pie
Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Dried cranberries are also nutritious and high in fiber. However, most of the ones we consume have lots of added sugar. But, I still love them!

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