Gusto Grilled Organics Gusto Grilled Organics, no affiliation to Gusto Gusto (the Italian restaurant), is the first certified organic and certified green restaurant in New York. I am way excited! Unfortunately, the food is only mediocre but I’m looking forward to this trend growing and I really appreciate this first step that Gusto Grilled Organics is taking.

Starting with the basket of bread, I was unimpressed. They were dry. We ordered the Tenderloin Pizza and the meat was over-cooked and under-seasoned. The dough (we chose whole wheat) was dry, crisp, and more like a cracker, with no flavor. Same goes for the crust on the Napolitana but I did like the flavor of the mozzarella, provolone, sauce, garlic, and parsley. We also ordered a side of average grilled vegetables and a Beef Empanada. The Empanada had a nice flavorful filling but the dough was a bit dry. Our waiter recommended the apple pie so we gave it a shot. It was a regular slice of Apple Pie but it was served with a very good Dulce De Leche Ice Cream. It was extra rich and really tasted like real dulce de leche.

For the mediocre food, dinner prices are too high. If you want to support the concept, go for lunch, where items are 25%-60% less. (Prices were not on the website.) Also, the menu on the website, the menu on their board, the menu we got when we seated, and the menu I took on my way out were all a bit different so they seem to be still working out their kinks.

I am really looking forward to more organic and green restaurants so I really hope Gusto Grilled Organics is able to make some improvements and do well.

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