Fay Da Bakery, a popular Chinese Bakery with locations in Flushing and Chinatown, has now opened it’s doors in Forest Hills Fay Da Bakery. This makes me extremely happy because I have been saying for years that these Chinese bakeries should branch out to different markets. As I suspected, this location was extremely packed with patrons.

As I browsed the bakery, I spotted two items I had never seen before. That was quite shocking to me as I had believed that I have sampled every item a Chinese bakery has. Of course I had to buy them, plus a Coffee-Milk-Tea, to sip on our way back to the city. My enthusiasm for this creamy blend of coffee and tea encouraged Caroline to get one too. Nothing else for $0.90 could make me happier.

In the evening, Lon and I sat down to have the treat I had brought home. I was proudly showing my finds to him. Isn’t this beautiful? They called it a Layer Bun so I assumed there was nothing inside, just layers of good dough.

Then we dug in. It was tragic. The inside tasted as it looks, like cat food. OK, I think it was really mushy tuna but yuck. Neither of us could take another bite. We tried examining the dough once more and that was not as we had expected either. It was not layer-y and actually seemed kind of stale.

We moved on to the other bun. Again, gorgeous! They called this a Chocolate Walnut Bun and it was almost good. The chocolate flavor was very faint, possibly a spread that was used in an ultra thin layer, only enough to create that marbled look. It looks sweet but it was only slightly sweeter than bread and while the texture was nice for a bread, somehow the taste was just a bit awkward.

This was extremely depressing for me as I had once thought, a Chinese bakery could do no wrong. So, I do warn you, not to eat these two items, but don’t let this stop you from going to a Chinese bakery. The standards like roast pork buns, raisin twists and almond twists, sweet topped buns, white bread, and the list goes on, are amazing.

Oh, and I have to tell you this joke that was brought to my attention by Lily and Eugene about Fay Da Bakery. (I’m hoping I can explain this joke well enough so you can get it, even if you don’t speak Chinese.) In Chinese, Fay means fly and Da means prosperity. The bakery’s name means something of the effect of Soaring Prosperity Bakery. However, in Chinese, the slightest change of inflection, changes the meaning of the word so if you say fay and da a bit differently, fay can mean fat and da can mean big, making it the Fat Big Bakery. Haha

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