My family wanted to introduce Lon’s family to Chinese banquet style dining. What better time than Chinese New Year. My mom made reservations for East Ocean Palace East Ocean Palace and everyone truly enjoyed it.

Chinese banquets usually start with a cold appetizer platter. This one is probably the best I have ever seen. It was just huge and magnificent looking, perfect to start a celebratory meal. The sliced beef, fried pork, and jelly fish were very good, like top 3. The fried tofu and sliced duck were outrageously good and the platter was lined with nice pickled radishes and carrots as well.
Walnut Shrimp is one of Lon’s favorite dishes. It’s giant shrimp fried and then covered in a mayonnaise sauce, sitting on a bed of broccoli and candied walnuts. Every part of this dish was superb. I had to convince myself not to eat too many so I could pace myself since this was the beginning of the meal.

I don’t know what this soup is called but it’s got pieces of pork, lots of cilantro, and egg drop. It’s a standard at most Cantonese restaurants but this one was a bit under-seasoned.

The Squab served with shrimp chips were good. They were cooked nicely, showing off the crispy skin. I love that they served them with heads on!

Lobster in Black Bean Sauce is a classic and favorite. The lobster was cooked perfectly and the sauce was so delicious I had to lick the shells.

Beef with Chinese Broccoli is simple yet a crowd favorite. Chinese broccoli is one of my favorite vegetables and these were cooked perfectly.

Fish is traditionally served whole and it’s really important for the fish to be “live killed”. This means that the fish did not die on it’s own and was not frozen. Most reputable Chinese restaurants have large tanks to keep live fish. The fish are killed and cleaned right before they cook them. You can often pick the fish you want. This makes an incredible difference in the taste and texture of the fish. Wow, this fish was great!

Crispy Skin Chicken (bone-in) covered in fried garlic. Lon calls it garlic candy. Congee Village Congee Village is the king of this dish but I’m not complaining about this one.

Chinese banquet style meals often end with noodles and fried rice. These noodles were nice and chewy and did not include mushrooms (as they usually do) because Lon does not eat mushrooms. The fried rice was rather bland.

Like many other Chinese restaurants, the ended with Red Bean Soup with Tapioca, a warm dessert soup that I like but Lon doesn’t. There’s was better than most. I was generally very happy with the food and service. The prices are reasonable and I would certainly dine here again. You can order these same dishes any time. It doesn’t have to be Chinese New Year so, give it a try any time.

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