In a cab today, I caught an episode of ABC’s “Neighborhood Eats” — a show I’ve seen once before, also in a cab. They talked about Watchung Delicatessen, located in New Jersey Watchung Delicatessen, that makes an awesome sandwich. If you read the subway saga (pt1, pt2) then you already know I love me some crazy sandwiches. So when I heard about “Ben’s Special”, which like other sandwiches at Watchung, was created by a patron.

Here’s how it’s made:
Slice up some breaded chicken cutlets and heat with barbecue sauce. Then top with bacon and cheddar. After melting it all together it is stuffed into a roll. Then whatever remaining space is left (and not left) is overflowed with hot macaroni and cheese. Now that’s a winner!

This reminds me of when I worked in Brooklyn. I used to have Sunny, my main deli man, hook me up with roast beef, bacon, yellow American, barbecue sauce and mayonnaise, hot on a hero. I loved that sandwich, particularly at $4.50 with a soda, which it cost about 11 years ago when I worked there.

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