I’m not a vegetarian but every once in a while, I meet up with my vegetarian friend Emily for a meal, and to catch up. Today, we squeezed in a lunch in between her classes (she’s an NYU Law student) at Vegetarian Paradise 2 Vegetarian Paradise 2 .

Our waiter came over and asked if we were ready to order, Emily replied yes, and he jumped to another table. It was really weird. Then, we had trouble flagging him down to order for a while. Later, my hot and sour soup (average vegetarian version) came but Emily’s spring rolls didn’t. We asked about it, and the waiter said it was coming. Later, the spring rolls appeared on one of the main dishes. This was especially annoying because we expressed to him that we were sharing the main dishes.

Anyways, the Tofu and Mixed Vegetables were pretty bland but I enjoyed the (fake) Chicken and Spinach in Curry Sauce. The vegetarian chicken wasn’t great but I liked the flavor of the sauce.

In all, this place has odd service and very average and predictable food. The formula works though, with their lunch special prices. I probably wouldn’t select to come here again but for about $7 per person, I would go if someone else wanted me to go with them.

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