We had dinner and dessert at Kasi and Stephen’s tonight. For dessert we enjoyed a great bread pudding that Jessica made, using the many, many extra baguettes I bought, for some unknown reason (I do that from time to time). Kasi whipped out (sorry for the pun) some Reddi Wip. I couldn’t help but notice some interesting writing on the canister.

First of all, in a large blue swirl, just beneath the logo is the important factoid “Made with Real Cream”. I can’t help but be concerned about the state of food affairs when a whip cream manufacturer needs to advertiser that they actually use real cream in their product. I guess when you consider the fact that there are products like Cool Whip in the market, made of water, corn syrup and high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated coconut and palm kernel oil , sodium caseinate, vanilla extract, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60 (glycosperse), and beta carotene, without a damn drop of cream to be found [from Wikipedia], it starts to be important.

We try to avoid processed foods as much as possible, so when I saw the line about “real cream” I had to jump all over it. Then we lightened the mood by all making fun of the marketing line on the back of the canister: “Perfect for birthdays, baby-showers, & breakfast.” Whoa! What brilliant business brain banged out this beauty? Boy, I’d boast if this blurb belonged to me.

We realized that not only is this perfect for the events they named (is Reddi-Wip really that popular at baby-showers, that it gets listed ahead of breakfast and instead of “dessert”), it would also be good for “boys, Bob, and boobs”. If you wanted to avoid “B”s, why not list it as good for “Tuesdays” and for “Lunch”? I wish I was in the room when they worked on this line. Although, from the wavyness of the line I have to assume they added in last minute, maybe by hand, during breakfast.

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