When worlds collide… As a technology professional, focused on the Internet, how could I not love the web site Open Source Food? If only for the name, it’s a great idea, but the content is wonderful as well. OSF is a social networking site that is all about recipes that have pictures and are rated by the community.

The site is not nearly as vast as AllRecipes, having only launched recently, and not having nearly as many users. But the users do seem to be loyal and active, similar in that Web 2.0-way to users of Yelp and in that Web 1.0-way to users of Chowhound.

Originally, I heard about this site through a co-worker, Tim, who I believe is related or friends with the founders of OSF. Since you likely don’t know Tim, I get the honor of letting you know. Go check out Open Source Food and let us know what you think.

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