We’ve blogged about New Yeah Shanghai New Yeah Shanghai Deluxe before, so I’ll try to keep this one short and sweet, just wanted to share some pics this time.

Their strong suit is really dumplings skins. The fresh handmade dough is perfectly chewy, not too thin and not too thick. We had Soup Dumplings (above, to the left), Pork and Chive Dumplings, and Vegetable Dumplings (right). I loved all three.

Another dish we always order is the Crab, Sauteed with Minced Pork, Soy Beans, and Rice Cakes (shown left). This time the rice cakes were incredible.

Fish Head Soup (shown right) is one of my favorite Shanghainese dishes.
The flavor of the soup was rich, as it should be, and the tofu and mung bean noodle sheets are standard necessary ingredients. The size of the fish head was a bit smaller than what we’ve had at other restaurants though.

My mother noticed a new dish posted on their board. Pork (with bone) wrapped in some sticky rice, then wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed. I thought it was a wonderful twist on a traditional food called Dzong Dtz (which is kind of like a Chinese Tamale made with sticky rice).

Ok, so the post wasn’t that short but one more thing: we took a video of the Sizzling Beef and Scallop dish so you could see the sizzling.


***Update***Read it!

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