I’ve been seeing this new coffee truck lately, on the corner of 14th Street and Fifth Avenue. It looks like a knock-off of The Mud Truck, using similar colors, but it has a LOVE logo. According to some minimal online research, it’s due to a split between the founders of Mud, so it’s supposed to be the same coffee.

I tried the regular coffee twice wanting desperately to like it because Mud was supposed to be good coffee (never tried it) and it’s on my corner; but alas, the coffee tastes a bit burnt. Other than that, the prices are good and so is the service. A regular coffee costs $1 and they don’t charge extra for steamed milk. The guy is friendly, fast, and serves with a smile.

*side note: Starbucks coffee tastes burnt too and it’s doing well also. Do New Yorkers just like burnt coffee? I’m disappointed people!!

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