I really wanted to like Ivo & Lulu Ivo & Lulu. They had great reviews and low prices, especially for organic produce and free range game. I tried so hard to like this far, out-of-the-way spot, but by the end of the night, I couldn’t, and the other three girls didn’t seem interested in coming back either.

The Smoked Mussels appetizer was an exceptionally ugly dish, but still my favorite since it was the only dish that was well….pretty good. (I don’t want to comment on the Grilled Avocado Stuffed with Spinach Mousse since avocado is one of the few things I do not enjoy eating.) Unfortunately, the rest of the meal ranged from poor execution to mediocre. I chose the Duck Breast which was completely cold and very tough, served with flavorless cous cous. There was a generous sprinkling of whole peppercorns on the slices of duck breast which I did not notice initially in the dimly lit room. So when I took my first bite, it was an unpleasant surprise for my teeth. Hilary ordered a Smoked Chicken that was sliced and covered in too much of a very sweet, creamy sauce. Her meat was also dry and over-cooked. Nicole ordered the Jerk Duck Leg which had a decent flavor, probably the best of the four entrees, but nothing to write home about. Tracy’s dish was the most attractive, served in a hollowed out squash. The mediocre vegetable soup (heavy on the coconut milk) was hardly enough to call an entree and I was worried that Tracy didn’t have enough to eat.

On top of my total disappointment in the food, I was so unhappy throughout the meal as I froze to death sitting by the door that was always left open. Nicole even got up to close it once but it was opened again a minute or two later. The restaurant is set up as two shops that are not directly next door to each other. Since there is something in between and the kitchen is only on one side, the wait staff goes in and out of the two spaces leaving the doors open. This would explain the cold food, I guess.

Again, I am so disappointed at the inaccuracy of reviews and that the place remains quite busy. I understand that it’s very cheap ($14 for duck breast) but is it worth it to get good ingredients so poorly prepared? I will never go back.

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