I’ve walked by Basta Pasta Basta Pasta for years and just written it off because of it’s name. I thought it would be some generic pasta place that just pumps out large portions of mediocre pasta dishes. In the last year or so, different people have mentioned how much they love Basta Pasta and I’m glad I finally gave them a shot. It was anything but generic and probably one of my favorite places now.

The food is Italian but the service is Japanese. From the moment you’re greeted, you notice the attention to detail that the Japanese are known for. The open kitchen is immaculate and you can feel the pride of the staff.

As I waited for Lon and friends to show, I munched on a yummy Parmesan bread stick twist as I watched the interesting table side service of a pasta dish. The spaghetti is tossed around in a hole dug into a giant Parmesan wheel before being plated. We didn’t order this dish so I’ll have to get it next time. Not complaining though since I loved everything we did order: 3 appetizers, 2 pastas, 2 meat dishes, and 2 desserts for the four of us: Lily, Eugene, Lon, and me.

But before I get into that, the bread basket of three different breads were all wonderfully fresh, the olive oil was good, and we loved the interesting amuse bouche. It was a slice of bread with some kind of whipped blue cheese spread.

Our starters included a Crab Tartar with Grapefruit Gelee (and beautifully dyed radish disks), Grilled Calamari Salad, and Pumpkin Gnocchi. Everything was cooked perfectly, plated beautifully, and interesting. The Pumpkin Gnocchi was my favorite and one of those dishes that will haunt me with cravings. I will be dreaming about the wonderful cheesy pieces that melt in your mouth. Mmm…..

I was so happy with our appetizers that I didn’t expect the entrees to keep up, but they did. First, our Bowtie Pasta with Salmon in a Mustard Grain Cream Sauce was delicious. It managed to be creamy yet light. And then, our Herbed Pappardelle with Oxtail came and topped the salmon bowtie dish. Next, perfectly cooked medium rare Berkshire Pork, the way all pork should strive to be. Plus it was served with a wonderfully thick, ginger-infused balsamic To end, delicious lamb chops. I was now in love, so of course we ordered desserts.

We shared a Strawberry Millefoglie with a nice yogurt ice cream and a Crepe filled with cream and baked apple. Our yogurt ice cream had some paper in it and the wait staff was very embarrassed and quickly brought us a new plate of Strawberry Millefoglie even though we had eaten the whole pastry already. Both were nice desserts, not-too-sweet (the way I like it).

I loved everything we ate and the service was great. I was expecting an expensive bill but for the amount of food we ordered, it really was very reasonable (about $45 per person if you include a 20% tip). I am really looking forward to coming back. It was a long menu and I have a lot more to try.

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