Our friend Justin through a great surprise brunch birthday party for his girlfriend Shayna. There was a great arrangement of bagels and spreads from Murray’s Bagels, lox and belly salmon, a cheese platter(loved the Ubriaco), fruit, and crackers. The other table was filled with chips and dips and I made a big basket of assorted mini muffins, maple walnut, chocolate, and banana. (Yes, I just wanted to show off my basket of muffins)

Everything was perfect but Something Sweet Something Sweet called Justin around 11am to tell him they couldn’t deliver the cake he had ordered to be delivered at 12. That is so unreliable that it doesn’t even matter if their cakes are good or not. We didn’t think we could get another cake on such short notice but Amish Market Amish Market came to the rescue and delivered two beautiful cakes in about 15-20 minutes. Now, that is service!

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