Aja Aja has opened a new restaurant in the West Village and since I ended up waiting for Lon at his office, way longer than expected, we decided to order dinner. We vaguely remembered enjoying a dinner we had at their original location Aja Asian Bistro and Loungeso it seemed like a good pick.

We ordered a Sliced Chicken Hot & Sour Soup (since I’m still sick) that tasted like mild chicken broth with hot sauce. I kept thinking buffalo wings as I was drinking it but even more annoying was that there was very little stuff in the soup, almost like if you ladled some soup off the top of a pot without stirring. It was supposed to have silken tofu, diced tomatoes, mushroom, bean sprouts, vermicelli, and sliced chicken, but you really had to search for it. I think I found 3 bits of chicken, each the size of a pinky nail.

They seemed to have an interesting list of Aja Special Rolls and I appreciated that several of the options were without avocado (not a big fan). We went for the Golden Dragon: spicy yellowtail, tuna, and cucumber roll with fresh mango and wasabi tobiko on top. I enjoyed it but it was a bit pricey at $12 and not much larger than a regular roll. With the soup and the “special” roll, we decided to share the Sushi and Sashimi for One since the description sounded like a large portion: 5 pcs sushi, 10 pcs sashimi, and a crunchy spicy salmon roll. For $28, I was a bit disappointed. The sashimi pieces were really small and nothing was cut professionally. The fish was fresh but not very flavorful (although I admit I have a cold). They did throw in a generous amount of edamame but we still felt that the food wasn’t worth the price.

I’m still hungry which is a sign that I’ll never order from them again.

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