A few friends have sent in some links that FoodMayhem readers might find interesting. So we’re sharing them with you. If you have interesting, food-related links that you think other FoodMayhem readers may enjoy, feel free to comment here or email them to us using the contact form. Thanks fellow foodies!

Sent in by Steve, and created by the team behind Food for Design, a remarkable site by some Belgian foodies, with amazing creations and food photographer, check out “FoodPairing“. Very much of the molecular gastronomy, Food Pairing demonstrates, graphically, how food tastes relate using tree maps. For example, based on the interchangeability of food based on flavor, chocolate should go just as well with, say, tortillas, as it does with almonds. Watch out now, Ferran.

Also sent in by Steve, was an interesting article by Kim Sevenson of the New York Times, “Is the Entree Heading for Extinction?“. The piece calls attention to the trend in upscale restaurants of moving towards tapas-style plates, smaller servings so that people can sample more dishes. While I do enjoy tapas, and go semi-regularly for that style of dining, I never feel completely satasfied at the end. It’s purely psychological, but for me, I need an entree for a meal to feel different than a snack. Also, I enjoy larger dishes as they promote sharing. Unlike the “family-size” portions at New York restaurant Carmine’s, which I find disturbingly huge, Chinese restaurant-size portions are more than enough for people to share, as are more Italian and Steakhouse-size portion (the steakhouse issue is mentioned in the article). There’s certainly enough room in the world for both styles of dining, so welcome the new contenders.

And from DelectaBILL, a great posting at Slate about what to buy your friendly foodie who has many cookbooks: more cookbooks! Some of those certainly sound like fun cookbooks. And if you’re interested in something other than a cookbook as a gift, review our recently posted list of FoodMayhem foodie gift ideas.

Thanks everyone, keep those great links coming!

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