Soba Totto Soba Totto, the new sister restaurant to the popular Yakitori Totto Yakitori Totto, just opened Christmas day. We went the next evening, while the smell of fresh paint still lingered and the wait staff seemed nervous.

I’m not going to spend too much time on this blog since the restaurant was neither impressive, nor disappointing. I do have a few notes though.

1.The soba, part of their name sake, did not look or taste like soba. It tasted and looked more like thin spaghetti.
2. Never order “grated yam with egg” in a hot soba unless you know what it is and sure you like it. The “grated yam” they are referring to is not the yam that we sometimes confuse with sweet potato. The grated yam has a texture like water chestnut and sits in a pool of raw egg white like substance. The slimy mixture is supposed to be mixed in to the soba broth which thickens it a bit but does not add any flavor. Now that I have made that mistake, I hope you don’t have to.
3. They have chicken oysters on their yakitori menu which is a nice touch.

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