Aside from being over-priced, Rosa Mexicano Rosa Mexicano was a pretty good choice for lunch. I wanted to take a bunch of my cousins from out-of-town to a lunch near my apartment so we could hang out and play games at my place afterwards. And, one of my young cousins, Christopher, is a skinny Chinese boy who hates Chinese food and prefers Mexican. Weird huh?

So, we got the guacamole, famous for being served table side. I don’t like avocado so I can’t really comment but it was served with two salsas that I did like. Three people (Lon, my brother, and Jonathon) ordered the Arrachera con Camerones (Grilled Skirt Steak with Jumbo Shrimp Stewed in a Roasted Tomato-Chipotle Sauce and topped with Queso Fresco) and it was very good. Everyone tried to sop up the extra sauce with rice. I ordered Cabrito Tacos (Baby Goat) which was good and came with a great corn esquite and bean chili. Jeffrey seemed to enjoy his Pelona (Pulled Short Rib Sandwich). Christopher didn’t really like his Quesadilla but he pretty much hates food (I know! Not related to me right?) and Olivia’s Pescado Taco (Grilled White Fish) had no flavor. The fish also had too much char on it. I didn’t like their soft tortillas much either .

The place is nice and festive looking and the service was good so I’m glad we went once and had a good time. The presentation of dishes was very attractive but I still think their prices are too high, especially for lunch.

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