Are you sick of me talking about chocolate and candy yet? Well, there’s still lots left to review.

I just tried the Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate with Hazelnuts and Currants. The dark chocolate is yummy but I don’t taste the hazelnuts and the currants are too sour for this combo. I’m not saying I wouldn’t eat this chocolate if it was presented to me but it’s not the one I would choose. So yes, I’m still going to finish this whole bar! (I feel justified since I ran the 15K Hot Chocolate Run this morning.)

Next, exciting news! Jelly Belly now makes 10 flavors in a natural version. No artificial flavors or colors and no preservatives. They don’t taste as good as my memory of regular jelly belly’s (from before I developed an allergy to artificial food coloring) but hey it’s natural. Strawberry is my favorite flavor and they’re easy to bring on runs, just like Sport Beans. (If you’re running in cold weather, they do get a little hard.) I’m waiting to see if more flavors will be available in natural. I loved juicy pear as kid (Hint Hint: people at Jelly Belly).

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