Ahh…Norma’s Norma’s, the famous breakfast place. I think it’s been hyped up so much that it couldn’t have met my expectations. It seemed like the perfect place to go during the holiday season. It was almost a touristy thing to do but since I went to see the tree at Rockefeller Center yesterday, I guess I’m in the mood this year.

Sara had been to Norma’s already so she warned us of big portions. We decided to share two dishes and a smoothie between three people but The Full Monty Cristo and The Seafood Schooner Salad didn’t end up being that large. We did see other plates around the restaurant and the waffles, pancakes, and omelets did come in extremely large portions so maybe we ordered the wrong things? (It was already 1pm so we weren’t in the mood for breakfast anymore.)Quality is more important anyway so on that level, the food was good. But, not that good, considering the price.

That brought Angie and I to the discussion about how very few restaurants really hit the wow factor. So, the only way to evaluate restaurants is just to evaluate whether the food quality, quantity, atmosphere, and service are worth the price. The result is no, not at this visit. The Monte Cristo was good but should have been served with a little salad or some fries. The description (grilled brioche with turkey, swiss, and honey-cured ham dressed with mango chutney) had given me high hopes for either exceptional brioche or a distinctive chutney. None of the ingredients were noteworthy. The seafood salad was a better value and almost worth the price since it was a good portion of crab, lobster, and shrimp. The description included scallops but I didn’t taste any. Still, it was enjoyable and fresh. The good coffee (free refills) was surprisingly expensive at $6 per person. The $8 smoothie was too much as well and the decor and service are good but not special. Once seated, you are given a complimentary shot glass sized smoothie but that isn’t enough to put it over the top. I don’t want to make an ultimate decree after only trying two dishes but I’m not sure I’ll be motivated to try them again any time soon.

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