I went to Queens to do some food shopping, as I often do to avoid paying Manhattan prices. I frequent BJ’s and Costco type places, Hong Kong Supermarket, smaller produce shops across Flushing, and Korea Town Plaza. My mom and I had so many errands to run today that we decided to save some time by eating lunch inside Korea Town Plaza. They have a a seating area in the back where you can order several different Korean dishes for around $5 each. It’s not the best Korean food ever but it’s a good portion of pretty good food for $5.

As I sat down to write this blog, I found a disturbing article (from 1996) about the beginnings of Korea Town Plaza. It seems they have not played a fair game in competing with local businesses. Or, maybe the small businesses just created bad publicity because it was the only way they knew how to fight against Korea Town Plaza. It annoys me that the article leaves you hanging and I couldn’t find much more info on the issue. I’ve been shopping at Korea Town Plaza for years and they have great prices (especially for meat). Now, I’m confused and don’t know if I should continue shopping there.

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