We recently received the following question from Frederic:

“Thanks for great blog. I will be visiting NYC in a few weeks and
want to take my host out for a nice dinner on Saturday and then brunch on
Sunday. Open to all types of food, just seeking some neat place, to make a
memory without emptying my 401K

Frederic, we’re so glad you enjoy our blog. Here are a few suggestions for a nice dinner without breaking the bank…

For any of these, we strongly recommend reservations where possible on a Saturday night. We’ve picked a few selections from around the city so you can choose based both by cuisine and location.

Novita Novita – A small, attractive Italian restaurant in Gramercy Park with very good food and service. They have a good wine list and excellent service.

Mermaid Inn
Mermaid Inn– A seafood place in the East Village with reasonable prices. It’s simple food, done right. I love their lobster roll and their scallops. Read our full review of Mermaid Inn.

Beyoglu Beyoglu – Delicious Turkish food on the Upper East Side. I highly recommend the octopus salad and their fresh pita/flatbread. Read our full review of Beyoglu.

Tomoe Sushi Tomoe Sushi – Really fresh sushi and sashimi at great prices. The downside is that you have to wait on a long line, but at least it’s in an attractive part of Greenwich Village, so there’s often people watching. No reservations. Cash or Amex only. Read our full review of Tomoe.

For a nice Brunch on Sunday: Again, use reservations to be safe.

Blue Water Grill Blue Water Grill – A classic NYC restaurant that serves brunch for $13-$27, with most dishes below $17. Conveniently located in Union Square so you can do some walking (and shopping) around after brunch.

Punch Punch – Very inexpensive for a yummy brunch in a nice atmosphere. Just north of Union Square in the Flat Iron District. I recently went to Punch for Brunch.

Jing Fong Jing Fong– Not your classic brunch but they serve dim sum which is really fun if you’ve never tried it. This banquet hall sized, second floor restaurant, is a good place to see the hustle and bustle of dim sum. Generally the food is better in Flushing but I don’t know if you want to go out that far. After eating you can also walk around Chinatown and check out the little bakeries which are great. Get some roast pork buns and various breads and buns.

We hope that was helpful. Please let us know which places you chose and what you thought of their food.

Jessica & Lon

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