While shopping, Sara and I stopped in at The Chocolate Bar inside Henri Bendel’s The Chocolate Bar inside Henri Bendel’s. The liquid chocolate and coffee is good but it wasn’t the beverages that I will remember. It’s a nice place to take a break from shopping since they have great window seats (which was perfect for us since it was snowing) and their staff is fantastic. Both guys just seemed so happy to be there.

After we finished shopping (more looking, not buying), Sara and I headed to Soba Nippon Soba Nippon, a place known for their house-made soba. We decided to share a Soba Salad (with chicken) since Sara had read good things about it, and a Hot Soba with Tonkatsu since we both wanted something hot.

The salad was very good, more because the fresh soba is excellent, less because the shredded chicken is dry. I’m glad I tried it but wouldn’t pay $24 for it again. I also just noticed by looking online, that the salad is more expensive during lunch time than dinner time. At lunch, they do include a great miso soup, but still weird, no?

The Hot Soba with Tonkatsu was also half good/half not. The soup had a good flavor. The soba was again excellent. The tonkatsu was overcooked, dry, and chewy. Again, quite pricey for a bowl of soba that I enjoyed but would not feel the need to have again. Two pieces of inari (that was too sweet) and a generous house salad was included which almost makes it worth it but not.

Since their dinner prices look about the same (or less in the case of the Soba Salad), I’d probably be less opposed to recommending them for dinner so if you go, do make sure you eat soba.

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