I was really psyched to have lunch with my friend Angie. We both have long restaurant wish lists and were about to knock another off the list together: Jean George’s Perry StreetPerry Street. Their lunch special is two dishes and dessert for $24.

We made sure to choose different items in order to sample more. The Yuzu and Green Chili Scented Nishiki Risotto was topped with shaved Matsutake mushrooms and foam. The risotto was impressive in appearance but mediocre in taste and texture. It was very mushroom-y which was boring after a few bites and the rice wasn’t as starchy as risotto should be. The Arctic Char Sashimi was sitting in a pool of very good olive oil but the fish itself was flavorless. Angie and I both recognized that the fish was fresh with a good texture, yet surprisingly tasteless. The Poached Snapper was cooked perfectly yet the flavoring of some chili oil was nothing special. The Grilled Bluefin Tuna Burger was a generous portion and wonderfully balanced. The bonito mayo and shiso/yuzu pickles worked perfectly with the seared chopped tuna meat and soft seeded bun. The whole burger was light and refreshing and the definite favorite of the meal. The desserts were pretty good: a chocolate pudding with a little bit of chocolate cake and a white chocolate sandwiched in meringue with yuzu sorbet. Angie also ordered a passion fruit chili soda that she really enjoyed.

The service was good. The white minimalist decor seems so common these days. But more importantly, the food……we weren’t impressed enough to go back, especially because it’s pretty out of the way. If you do find yourself at Perry Street for lunch, go for the Bluefin Tuna Burger.

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