Two of my bridesmaids, Sara and Angie, went with me to check out a store for bridesmaids dresses. We were already in Chinatown so dinner was easy. We decided on a Vietnamese restaurant that Angie and Sara frequently visit, Nam So’n.

As I went to the bathroom, Sara and Angie picked out all the things they wanted to eat which mounted to four dishes so when I got back, my only input was a strong confirmation for ordering it all. I was excited to try some new things. My favorite was the Bun Thit Nuong (Grilled Pork with Lettuce and Vermicelli). This is a fun dish where you wrap the pork, pickled vegetables, and vermicelli in the lettuce. Then we had two pretty good dishes: Banh Mi Bo Kho (Stewed Beef with Bread) which was very reminiscent of Chinese Red Stewed Beef and the Pho (something you have to order at a Vietnamese restaurant). The sauce in the stewed beef was a bit on the sweeter side and got cold too fast, but otherwise good. The Pho was better than the Pho from Saigon Grill or L’annam, but not better than Pho in Los Angeles. Con Chien Bit Tet (Steak and Fried Rice) was the least favorite because the steak was hard to chew.

The meal was good enough that we almost finished all of the food. Our waiter was quite impressed with the three of us finishing four dishes, in Chinatown portions. I would recommend trying it because I haven’t found much better Vietnamese food in New York and at about $30 for all that food, it’s worth a try.

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