I love tossing blue cheese into salads, especially with apples or pears. It is an amazing pairing. I’m always looking for different blues to try even though I’ve had my favorite (English Blackstick Blue) for years. I recently tried an Italian blue cheese called Mountain Gorgonzola and I was a bit disappointed. It was sharp yet lacked flavor and seemed very 1 dimensional. On FreshDirect’s description chart Blue Rating (shown to the right), it looks to be pretty crumbly and is recommended in salads. I have to disagree. It’s very sticky and gooey and does not crumble at all, making it very difficult to toss into a salad.

If you’re making a salad with blue cheese, I recommend English Stilton (safe for guests who may want something more mild), Great Hill Blue, Point Reyes Blue, Thomas Hoe Stevens Stilton (not attractive though), and of course my favorite, English Blackstick Blue.

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