*Update 1/23/09 – Kefi has moved to 505 Columbus Avenue*

Last night, we had dinner with my friend Bianca and her boyfriend Jeffrey. She suggested a Greek restaurant she frequents because of the delicious food at very reasonable prices. Bianca has great taste so I had no doubt that I would be happy with the food at Kefi.Kefi

The place is packed even on a Tuesday night and the tables and chairs are squeezed in close together. It’s pretty noisy and they have a cash only policy but the food makes you forget all that as you enjoy with delight.

The bread brought to the table is just decent but the olive oil is fantastic. Bianca recommended 3 of her favorite appetizers for us to share. All 3 were amazing. The Warm Feta with Capers, Olives, Peppers, and Pita felt so complete with so many flavors blending so well together. The Grilled Octopus Bean Salad was so simple yet the octopus was so perfectly cooked. The Meatballs were very tender and sat in a pool of flavor from tomatoes, olives, and roasted garlic. I felt like I couldn’t stop eating, going from one appetizer to another over and over again.

My main course was the Branzino, served boneless but with both full sides of the fish, atop perfect fingerling potatoes (crisp outside and starchy inside), olives, caper berries (delicious!!), and grape tomatoes. A strong fruity olive oil was drizzled over the plate. Each ingredient was wonderful by itself and as a whole. Lon ordered the lamb chops which was served with a spinach and rice mixture. The lamb chops were decent but the rice mixture was extremely buttery and a bit too wet. We both agreed that my entree was better and that the appetizers were really superior.

Since it was going so well, we decided to try a dessert. We shared the walnut cake served with a spiced ice cream. The cake was fresh and moist and surprisingly not too sweet. The spices were a bit overpowering aromatically.

The big surprise was when the bill came. It was only $110 for 3 appetizers, 4 entrees, 1 dessert, and 2 glasses of wine. The food is made with high quality ingredients and much attention to flavor, balances, and seasonings. You don’t normally get this kind of quality at these prices. I definitely recommend going. I would make a meal out of all appetizers but I wouldn’t discourage ordering entrees.

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