I promised to keep you updated as I continued to eat through the giant pile of candy from the Sweet Spot.

Dove has a new line of dark chocolates called Origins. They are made with 61% cacao and are separated by origin: Ecuador, Ghana, and the Dominican Republic. Unfortunately, I didn’t get a piece from Ecuador (and I’m not going to buy any candy for a year now). However, I was surprised to find such a distinct difference between Dominican Republic piece and the Ghana piece. The dark chocolate from the Dominican Republic had a strong fruitiness that’s almost raspberry-like. The dark chocolate from Ghana was pure and so smooth. I was particularly fond of it.

Snickers Dark
came out a while ago but since I lost interest in candy bars years ago, I never bothered to try it. (Snickers was my favorite candy bar as a kid.) Lon and I agree that it’s better than the original. The dark chocolate is less sweet and doesn’t cause that sugary feeling in the back of your throat. I may actually eat these once in a while.

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