Dekk Dekk is a prototypical TriBeCa restaurant. The benches against the wall look like they were saved from trash collection and restored. Various walls receive projections of weird images that are half broken computer and half video game. The menu is sparse and slightly over priced. Now that I’ve got the bad out of the way, let’s talk about the good: the food and the service.

Justin opted for the brunch: $10 for eggs over easy, plated with what looked like hash, but was described as sausage (if I recall correctly). In a normal brunch context, that would be fine, because it’d be served with a drink, Justin paid $3 for his glass of OJ and then $3.50 for tea. I went for the lunch menu, selecting Organic Chicken Fricassee, after getting over the fact that it was $19, which admittedly was a struggle, I enjoyed the dish. Since fricassee is loosely defined as chicken (or any other white meat) served in a thickened sauce, it’s hard to know what you’re going to receive when you order it. Sometimes it has mushrooms, and so, while the menu didn’t mention them, I discovered by asking that they included fungus. With the fungal element removed, I enjoyed the dish. It was accompanied by fingerling potatoes that were perfectly cooked and large shallots that were described as confit, but I found them to just be roasted. The gravy was not standard at all, it was barely thickened, and possibly with butter, but not cream or roux as would be expected. It was a bit fat-heavy, but quite tasty.

Considering the heavy patron traffic coming in from OFFF, the waitstaff of 3-5 (or so) people were holding up fairly well. We had to ask for butter for the bread and sugar for the tea, and wait several minutes for our credit cards to be processed, but we enjoyed it and weren’t in a rush anyway.

Next time you’re in the area, check out Dekk, it sounds like their film night is pretty fun.

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