I thoroughly enjoyed my meal at CraftbarCraftbar, the casual sister restaurant to Craft. It’s a great central location to meet a friend (that friend being Chrissy) to catch up. You can have a full meal or snack on a wide selection of meats, cheeses, snacks, bruschettas, and of course choose from a large wine list.

We shared an appetizer of Calamari with Arugula and Lemon Confit. It was possibly the best calamari dish I have ever had. Each piece was cooked perfectly and the flavor was intense. The acidic lemon confit and briny tenticles and rings fought in equal battle for dominance in my mouth.

We opted for a a full dinner so I chose the entree of Bucatini with Roasted Tomatoes, Pancetta, and Clams. The pasta was cooked perfectly and pasta was flavored so well. The clams did nothing for the dish and were a tad over-cooked. I didn’t mind or notice as much as I normally would because the rest of the pasta was so good. Again, the flavors just hit the mark. Chrissy ordered the Salmon. I didn’t try it but it was nicely presented. It did look like it was cooked past medium rare (and they did not ask how she wanted it prepared).

Although I thoroughly enjoyed the food, I can’t help but feel like it was a bit pricey. The portion sizes were modest and the decor is simple but dark (which I guess is hip for some), but I guess it is a Tom Colicchio restaurant. I guess I would still go again.

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