With very few exceptions, I don’t eat Chinese food outside of Chinatown or Flushing. There is a very good reason for that. Most Chinese restaurants scattered across Manhattan are awful and basically inedible.

Lon was craving dumplings so we took a chance and tried The CottageThe Cottage. The dumplings were horrible. The pork filling and dough were both so dense that it’s no surprise that they weren’t cooked through. Yes, they were cold in the center. The meat was also completely flavorless.

I now had low expectations for our main dishes but they were actually not that bad. I wouldn’t really call it Chinese food but it was good “fake Chinese”. Lon chose a Chicken with Black Bean Sauce. He asked that they add snow peas and they happily accommodated. The dish was a bit salty but otherwise perfectly cooked chicken and vegetables. I asked for a special, Garlic Prawns with garlic, fried shallots, and scallions on a bed of steamed vegetables. We were both impressed with the generous portion of large shrimp and the more somewhat authentic flavor of this dish. Lon had also asked the waiter to make sure the dishes weren’t too oily and both dishes were definitely less oily than most “fake Chinese”. I was happy not to feel gross after the meal.

The Cottage isn’t a place I would choose to go to but it’s also not a place I would refuse to go to if someone else wanted to go.

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