There really aren’t any burger joints in our neighborhood so we’re glad that Stand Stand opened up. It’s a big plus when you actually get a medium rare burger when you order one. The ingredients are fresh and everything is made to order. So yes, I like the piping hot fries. They’re nice and crispy and well salted. By the way, the small order is plenty for two people. I couldn’t really taste the cheddar in my cheeseburger but I do like the shredded lettuce and onions they top the their burgers with. Plus, they use good buns. Stand also does a good job with options for diners who don’t want burgers: turkey burgers, chicken burger, salmon burgers, veggie burgers, and salads. Lon didn’t like they’re turkey burger as much as a deli turkey burger (also too much mayo) but liked the bun also. They haven’t made my favorites list but it’s still a place I would go back to.

This great pic is from a blog called A Hamburger Today. I disagree with his thoughts on the bun but the onion rings did look good.

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