So sorry that we haven’t blogged in a while but we were away in San Francisco for the Nike Women’s Marathon. Right after the marathon was over, we started our eating marathon. More to come later (Lon and I will put it together this weekend) but just a little bit since you’ve been waiting…

San Francisco is proud of their coffee. The two places that several people recommended were Philz Coffee Philz Coffee – Castro and Blue Bottle Coffee Co. Blue Bottle Coffee. Both had great staff who were proud of their product. Both made each cup to order individually. Even though we went to Philz’s newest location, Blue Bottle looks cooler: just a counter behind a garage door with no seats but a small ledge where three people could place cups. But in terms of coffee, Philz wins by a landslide. I had their Tesora (house blend), which was absolutely delicious. The barista asks you how you want it and makes it for you with brown sugar and cream.

I have never tasted a more perfect coffee than Philz’s and I’m so sad I didn’t get to have another cup before leaving.

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