It was my friend Xiu-Jing’s birthday and we were throwing her a little party on our patio. The centerpiece was a ham from Pams-Hams. We weren’t sure what to expect from a mail order , glazed ham, destined to be defrosted in the fridge and then served at room temperature. So, we were happy when several guests commented about how good the ham was. I have to agree. Pam does make a good ham and it’s perfect for a party.

The ham comes pre-sliced (spiral-style), still attached to the bone so that it makes a great presentation piece and no skill is required. Each person can just pull a piece off whenever they want it. You can also get sides from Pams-Hams or you can make sides, or have a potluck where friends just bring sides. At $42.99 for the half ham (about 8.5 pounds), we think it’s a great value!! 11 people only ate about half of it so everyone was happy they got to take some home. This is right inline with Pam’s serving recommendation (she says 21 people when served in a large buffet style).

The ham is supposedly low-carb, although the web site doesn’t seem to list how so. It tasted wonderful and we simply garnished with some fresh grilled pineapple.

I know you still want to know what else I made so… Xiu-Jing requested the Mexican Cornbread (which I made with Pepper Jack instead of Monterey this time) and the Mini Fish Tacos, which she saw pictures of from my mom’s birthday dinner. I also made a salmon spread (where I used dill instead of green onion and Kirkland Canned Salmon instead of fresh) served with crackers and a salad of arugula, tomato, and Cucumber with a balsamic dressing. I couldn’t resist throwing in a simple dish of peas (sauteed with onion and garlic) since peas and ham were made for each other.

Angie made a Grape Tomato Salad with Feta. Becky made a Kimchee Fried Rice. Sheryl made a Potato Gratinee. Winnie made her classic Mac ‘n’ Cheese. Tammy made a Cajun Egg Salad and Xiu brought Banana Pudding from Buttercup. By the way, I love their banana pudding but don’t care for their cupcakes.

Great food and great company! That’s what my life is all about!

Lots more pictures on the Flickr set.

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