Cuisinart has a new stand mixer, the Cuisinart SM-70 . With a 7 quart capacity and 1000 Watt motor it seems (can’t verify since I haven’t tried it – Hint Hint Cuisinart if you want to send me one) to outshine my Kitchenaid Professional Six series. While I would really appreciate the larger capacity, I have never felt like I needed more power. You can get most of the same accessories (but no ice cream maker) but the most attractive feature is the tilt-back that the Kitchenaid does not have. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come in all the fun colors, just white and chrome. It retails for about $499 on Amazon right now which is about $50 more than the Kitchenaid Professional Six. If I didn’t already have a very good stand mixer, this would go on the top of my wish list.

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