Today is going to be a long run for my friends and I at Team in Training so I decided to make a nice, carbohydrate-heavy dinner for us last night. Hilary, Nicole, and Tracy and I have been running together for months now and I promised them a fabulous dinner. The first three dishes were:

  • Spicy BBQ Chicken: I used only chicken legs since I’m a big fan of dark meat and I started them off on the grill but finished them in the oven. I also grilled some pineapple to serve with it.
  • Purple Apple Slaw: One of my favorite recipes to serve to guests. It’s just a gorgeous color and always a hit!
  • Absolute Mexican Cornbread: This time, I only used Cheddar since I didn’t have Monterey Jack but I prefer the recipe as is.

Then, for the last two, I didn’t use a recipe (sorry…) so I’ll give a description.

  • Curried Potatoes: Potatoes are boiled till tender and cut into large dice. They are sauteed with some minced onion, cumin, tumeric, and curry powder. Season, then top with fresh cilantro.
  • Asian Broccoli Pasta Salad: This pasta salad is basically pasta, blanched broccoli, and shredded cucumber sprinkled with sesame seeds, chopped cilantro, and chopped scallions. The dressing is soy sauce, sugar, rice vinegar, olive oil, sesame oil and ground ginger.

It was a really enjoyable meal. And to drink we enjoyed cocktails of Looza and Seltzer (soda water) — no alcohol before a run.

For more great pictures, check out the Flickr set.

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