As my regular readers know, I run as part of Team in Training, where we raise money for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. So last night, I had a fund raiser at Vesta, Vesta a bar/lounge with a generous owner and fantastic staff. They gave us half-priced drinks, owners and staff donated, and everyone raved about how nice they were. Thanks to everyone who came out!! If you weren’t able to come, you can still donate!

Time to talk about food: We started with some food at Vesta. They got it from Home on Eighth Home on Eightha Chinese place across the street. There was some sesame chicken, sweet and sour chicken, fried rice, and chicken wings. All average take-out food.

After the event wrapped up, Xiu, Andy, and I wanted Dinner while Winnie and Sara went straight to more drinking at 40/40 Club 40/40 Club. We passed by Hill Country, Hill Country a fairly new BBQ place. It was packed pretty late in the evening so we were enticed to try it. We asked how long it would take to seat and the hostess said 5 minutes. We took a seat at the bar and soon someone was coming around offering free wings, slow smoked with a lightly sweetened sauce. They were pretty good so I was getting excited about dinner but we noticed something strange – their set-up. After you wait for seating, you then wait on another line to order your food, then wait for the food to be made, and take it back to your table yourself. We didn’t mind the getting the food yourself part but the line was quite long and we weren’t even seated yet (you have to be seated before you can wait on the order food line). We finally agreed to leave and search for food elsewhere but I’ll be back.

We kept walking South and Andy suggested Chat ‘N’ Chew Chat ‘N’ Chewas we talked about food all the way there. Andy and Xiu shared a TV Dinner – chicken fried steak with mashed potatoes. I took a risk and ordered a special, Maryland Lump Crab Cake with French Fries. I was pleasantly surprised by the large crab cake that was all meat and very little filler. It came with an ok tarter sauce and a heavily mayo-ed cole salw. Unfortunately the fries were over-cooked (which is the opposite of the usual problem for most places). Andy called it carbon fries.

It was a night of greasy food!

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