When you want some good dim sum, you have to go to Queens these days. The places in Chinatown just don’t have the same quality and freshness. Yesterday, we had a family gathering at East Ocean Palace East Ocean Palace with some cousins visiting from Maryland and they kept raving about how good the dim sum was. It was indeed, with one exception. The sticky rice (the one that comes in a bowl, not the one wrapped in leaves) was undercooked so it was very hard. Everything else was yummy and a few items were really fantastic. The shrimp ball coated in sticky rice and the watercress and shrimp Shu Mai are must haves. We also ordered a Beef Chow Mein and it was excellent. If you haven’t tried dim sum yet, definitely go and try this place. Make sure you have a large group (the more people you have, the more items you get to try) and go on a weekend between 11am – 2pm.

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