We started the night at Dusk Lounge, Dusk Loungewhich was a good place to catch up with a friend from out of town. It was quiet enough to talk AND HEAR and you could easily grab seats. The bartender was friendly and it was just a no pressure environment with some interesting quirks. They have a wall of napkin doodlings from a contest they have on Tuesday nights called Napkin Idol and the bathrooms have one way mirrors. I know; old new these days.

***Pizza Bar is CLOSED***

The six of us were getting hungry so we headed out in search of food and landed at Pizza Bar Pizza Bar. It was surprisingly good food for bar food. It’s no Numero 28 but the pizza hits the spot for a midnight snack. It’s pizza so it still satisfies the late night craving but it’s super thin so it’s not too heavy. I tried the Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella and the Mushroom with Truffle Oil pizzas. As usual in pizza, I preferred the plain and the mushroom was also a white pizza and I prefer with sauce. Lon had a meatball sandwich that had tender meatballs on a good ciabatta but it desperately needed more sauce. We also got some Pesto Fries which were nice and crispy with just the right amount pesto. I don’t think I would go to Pizza Bar during regular hours where I could select any restaurant but at midnight, it’s a good choice.

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