I’m glad I finally found another good place in K-town. I’ve been sticking to Seoul Garden especially for Soon Dubu (Tofu Casserole). Becky introduced me to Choong Moo Ro Choong Moo Ro for lunch and I was surprised to find that they had an excellent Soon Dubu. It was rich in flavor with a nice large clam in it, served in a stone pot on something to keep it hot. I love when food is served hot and stays hot!

Becky ordered the Duk Mondoo Guk (Dumpling and Rice Cake Soup). The soup had a good flavor but the dumpling was slightly over-cooked. The Pa-chan (small side dishes) were very good and often one of the main criteria a Korean restaurant it judged on. Some were a bit over-salted but I was generally very happy with it. The kimchi was good. There was a octopus pa-chan I enjoyed, and of course bean sprouts.

Choong Moo Ro seemed to have a pretty extensive menu so I’d definitely like to go back with a larger group. It also has a slightly nicer decor than Seoul Garden so feel free to take some out-of-town guests.

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