I’ve been to the Balducci’s Balducci’s on West 14th Street several times and never noticed that they have a balcony seating area. I was introduced to it by Balducci’s Regional Catering Director Marissa Drago. I met her at a friend’s event that she was catering where the shrimp was really amazing.

So I met with Marissa where she showed me this great little space overlooking the rest of the store. It’s great for a quick no hassle meal or snack. You could just meet a friend for a coffee or you can even rent the space for a little party. (Call Marissa at 212-741-3700 and she’ll hook you up!)

Marissa also told me that Balducci’s gets fresh mozzarella delivered each morning from an Italian maker who makes it exclusively for Balducci’s. Mmm…….

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