I saw some good reviews on Yoshi Japanese Restaurant Yoshi Japanese Restaurantso I was excited to go. Lon, Andy, and I were all disappointed. The quality was a bit below average and the cuts were terribly ugly. The salmon pieces had a whole layer of fat left on and the yellowtail was an awful cut that made it unrecognizable. The salad that comes with each dinner is also really sad. The wilted greens and watered down dressing set the stage for the coming meal.

While we were walking home, we spotted a Mary’s DairyMary’s Dairy. Lon bought a chocolate and cheesecake fudge that looked much better than it tasted. I asked the employee if the ice cream had food coloring in it and he said he didn’t know. To play it safe, I only tried the cookies and cream and the Yin-Yang (milk chocolate with dark chocolate pieces), flavors I could reasonably assume were not colored. The cookies and cream was super sweet with cream over-powering the cookie part. Andy and I both got the Yin-Yang, surprisingly less sweet than you’d expect of milk chocolate ice cream. While I appreciated that it was less sweet, none of the product we tried impressed me enough to ever go back.

Better luck next time…..

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