I just had lunch at Burger Heaven Burger Heaven where the salad was average and so was the service. Nothing about the place seems memorable except their Sweet Potato Fries. I know, I know. I didn’t even try a burger, but I had read some unimpressive reviews about their burgers and I wasn’t in the mood to regret my lunch. Things like a bad burger, pizza, or french fries will bother me all day!!

As we walked towards our seats, I spotted their sweet potato fries. What caught me eye was that they were thin cut fries, not the steak fries size you usually see for sweet potato fries. I had to try it! While it wasn’t mind blowing, they were really good, something I’d like to eat again. Why haven’t other places caught on? Cut the sweet potato into thinner slices!! Otherwise they get soggy and gross. They also had a light coating kinda like Burger King fries, again helping with maintaining the crispiness. Go Sweet Potato Fries!

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