I wanted soup on Fri since it was pretty cold and rainy. I decided to try the Soup Man Soup Man, 1 block from my office, and as soon as I noticed the prices, I wished it wasn’t raining so I could motivate myself to walk further for lunch. I resorted to a cup size vegetarian soup, the cheapest thing they have. It came out to $5.36 for 8 oz of soup, bread, and a choice of banana or a tiny apple. The Lentil Soup was good but not good enough for those prices. I tasted the Tomato Wild Rice and it was way too sweet. The meat and seafood flavors go into the $7-10 range for a 16 oz, the size I normally get from anywhere else. I just had 16 oz of Seafood Gumbo from Food Exchange (on Broadway, can’t find a link or address for them) for under $5 a few days before. I will never go to Soup Man again! Total rip-off!

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