With a party of 14, I always get nervous. Even restaurants that are usually pretty good start to falter when they have to plate for 8 or more at a time. We’ve been to Maurizio Trattoria Maurizio Trattoriabefore and praised there food so we were hoping they could hold up under the pressure. I watched in amazement as all the appetizers were served at the same time and then all the entrees. Even more impressive for a large party is having all the meats and seafoods cooked to the correct temperatures. Nothing over-done, nothing under, perfect seared tuna, quail, steak, chilean sea bass, fish stew, etc. They make their own fresh pasta which is delicious and have a long list of specials that really changes. It’s a place you could really go to often and feel like your eating somewhere new. They also make their own desserts which are very good (except for the creme brulee) and the coffee is good too! The service was good and the prices suit the quality you get, and the portions are a little bigger than expected. I have to wonder if I should let out one of NYC’s best kept secrets.

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